History Established in 1977 Woody’s is a Hartford icon who’s humble beginnings started in 1977 as a hot dog and ice cream vending truck. Woody’s was Established by Gary and Cindy Wood, We then upgraded to New York style pushcarts Gary designed this cart with a grill and fryer. We offered an array of fixings for our hotdogs. We were the first to offer cheese on our hotdogs, then we created our own special relish .We offer top quality footlong all beef hotdogs. When we travel, we always make a point of trying out the local hotdogs and other dishes to get ideas to bring back to Connecticut. An example is our delicious Philly Dog, which is a twist of Philadelphia’s Philly Steak. Once we develop a delicious combination, we then brain-storm to form a catchy name to capture the character of the hotdog. . We have an extensive Miami Dolphins display . We are diehard fans due to our winter stay in Miami back during our pushcart days.

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