Specialties Psychotherapy and wellness coaching for adults, couples, children, and families. Marcia Brubeck, an advocate and a veteran social worker, can help you identify your values, establish goals, and lay out a plan for achieving them. In the process you will address lifestyle issues, refine your career objectives, and improve your relationships with colleagues, friends, and loved ones. You will master proven strategies for coping with depression, anxiety, stress, and frustration. You will learn to manage yourself as you would a three-year-old thoroughbred you were training for a once-in-a-lifetime bid in the Kentucky Derby. Insist on the best for yourself! You deserve it. History Established in 2001 Marcia Brubeck earned a JD in 1992 at the University of Connecticut School of Law and an MSW in 1995 at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work, where she specialized in group and case work. She subsequently became a certified school social worker and social work field instructor and was licensed for clinical practice in 1998. She entered into private practice in 2000 after providing psychotherapy for five years in hospital, extended day treatment, and partial hospital settings. Marcia E. Brubeck, LLC, formed in 2001. When she is not seeing clients, Marcia writes articles, books, and teaching materials on mental health, parenting, and living well. Prior to entering the counseling field, she was a book editor and writer working for the American Psychological Association and major university presses. Meet the Business Owner:
Marcia B. When she is not seeing clients, writing, and reading, Marcia enjoys spinning, hiking, gardening, antiquing, and strategy games. She likes to identify wildflowers and observe nature generally, especially birds and frogs.

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