Specialties Aquastone Graphic Arts & Print combines ad specialties and new media to help our clients increase sales, attract new customers and stand out from the competition. When it comes to Brand Management, we know how to maximize impact on time and within budget. History Established in 2006 Aquastone Graphic Arts & Print’s tertiary-qualified team provides comprehensive graphic design and application solutions, including logos, branding themes, annual reports, promotional material, displays, web sites and much more. We enjoy working with new businesses and helping forge new paths, creating an efficient work flow with quality services for all. We’ve worked diligently to create an efficient work-flow, expand our creative views and provide the highest quality services for clients, large or small. Meet the Business Owner:
Dyshann A. Art Director / Graphic Artist / Print Consultant Mr. Anderson is an art director, graphic artist and print consultant. He is also the owner of Aquastone Graphic Arts & Print. Whether he is creating new brands, or leading a team of professional artists, Mr. Anderson displays a distinguished and gifted style of work. He is highly skilled in life-drawing and photography through a multi-platform (Mac and PC). He has extensive knowledge of complex design software. He works with national companies bringing clever problem-solving solutions to daily business, marketing, and design projects. After several years of first-hand knowledge on print production, he has an insight that separates him from your average art director. He is skilled as a second operator on web and sheet-fed printing presses, as well as an electronic pre-press operator. He has acquired trade secrets to propel print projects to its fullest production.

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